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A Journey Of Exploration

Playing Life is my personal blog. This is where I document my journey of living life through the lens of play, adventure, and authenticity. 

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To 'Play Life' Means...

To Play Life means to interact with life using a mindset rooted in play and adventure.

It is the active discovery of how our inner and outer worlds transform as we let ourselves be guided by the authentic callings of our hearts.

About Me (and the blog)

Ismaël Gauthier. 30 years old. Wordsmith.

Writing is the modality I have chosen to share the many stories I have accumulated so far on my journey of becoming the most authentic version of myself.

Why share that with you?

It's pretty simple - it's the adventure I feel I must live. If we took a trip back in time together and found the 13 or 14-year-old version of me, we would find an active ingredient in my mind that still exists in me more than a decade later: a desire to share the tools I discovered on my journey of individuating; in case it helps someone who struggles as well.

I want to begin by specifying what 'individuating' means, as I use that word quite often on here:


To individuate means to become differentiated from other people by becoming who we were meant to be. It is a process whereby our personality and our sense of self become defined, independently from the collective of which we are a part of.

At the early age of 4 years old, I was told by my heart that I was going to live a very particular kind of adventure. I didn't know exactly what it was, but the sensation was undeniable. As I developed into an adult, the degree of clarity on what that adventure would look like varied greatly, but I never stopped searching for it.

As I advanced in my process of individuation, the desire to share important findings with others grew noticeably strong. It was fuelled by the realization that everywhere I went, most people seemed to prefer to talk about quite mundane things. 

No matter how much I tried to enjoy having those conversations, it was always my impression that we could talk about more elevating things. We don't have to go far to find subjects that unite us all; because as we know, what is most personal is most universal. Personal fears are something we all experience, and yet rarely discuss them with full transparency.

To me, the idea of being born a human and having to navigate life is worth taking up more time in our daily discussions. 

It's so weird when you think about it, being alive. We understand almost none of what's around us, yet we are living full lives inside that environment. And somehow we manage to find ways of improving our condition while navigating so much unknown.

That's the ultimate skill we have to develop when we think about it: how to navigate "THIS".

It's far from being a trivial thing, and I have noticed in my personal life that talking about it with the most trustworthy people in my circle helps tremendously in creating a life that I resonate with. Having someone else to talk about the mysterious journey of being alive is immensely rewarding and has changed my development for the better.

It is with that angle that I approach my blog - to make "THIS" a conversation that helps us build a stronger sense of familiarity with the reality of being a human who is looking to have a fulfilling life experience. 

I am using my platform to share the wisdom and tools I have collected on my journey of individuation in case it can help you, but this is by no means a one-way conversation: I am encouraging you to bring your stories to the plate as well and participate in this exchange of wisdom in the comments. We can all benefit from each other's stories.

Welcome to my blog,


Play Life, my friend.

- Ismaël G-P.

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