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My Name Is Ismaël Gauthier

To me, life is an adventure of the most incredible kind. I distinctly remember feeling this way about life as a child. During those years when my innocence was pure, I was possessed by a feeling of awe and wonder about what life could bring about. The possibilities of who I could become and what I felt I could live were overwhelmingly beautiful and nourishing. I felt like I was born with the intention of exploring the wonders of the world.


It lasted for the first few years of my conscious life. Then, the feeling began to vanish. As I approached my mid-twenties "reality" set in. My intention of becoming "X" or of doing "Y" started to feel like pure fantasy, and in this manner, I strayed from the authentic call of my heart. I forgot about myself.

I tried fitting in, I tried to conform and live a life that other people told me made sense for me. I pushed on for a few years, walking a path that wasn't mine, unsure of why I felt lost, insecure, and incompetent. Then, back came to me my original intention. A murmur coming from deep inside: "Don't you remember the adventure you wanted to live?"

It is my belief that every man and woman is set to face this question in the privacy of their own heart one day or another. How we react to that question determines who we become. When it came, I remembered the state of innocence I was in when I first felt this way. I remember the absolute certainty I had that I was going to live something completely magical, that it was inevitable.  Now, as an adult, I realized that it was still within my grasp, that all my experience and lessons could be put to use in the journey of living my own unique life adventure, only now, it is a choice. I must choose this adventure if I am to live it, as nobody could ever choose it for me.

This is the part of life that I must play by myself. No matter how comforting it is to ask others for advice, the definition of an authentic decision is that I am the one who makes the final judgment. Other people's opinion is merely a suggestion. I find it painfully poetic how life entrusts us with so much responsibility. Every action I pose has an impact on the rest of the living world. And I am 100% responsible for all I create. Life is not just something "out there", it's also something that's "in here" and I am responsible for governing what I have an impact on with my consciousness. I have my part to play and I could not take myself out of the equation even if I wanted to. Because "Nothing is created, nothing is lost, everything is transformed".

When I say that I find life is the most beautiful adventure, this is what I am referring to. I am Life experiencing itself, making decisions at every single moment and the nature of my intentions dictate the experience that I and others get to enjoy.


My heart tells me that life is best enjoyed when we connect to Love and when we connect to Play. Writing a blog for me is playful - I find it fun and I am curious about how it's going to transform me in the long run. And giving myself permission to do what I find fun is an act of self-love. So this is how I play life: I offer myself what my heart desires, and as a result, I am able to show up for others in my most inspired and healthy version, creating a great experience for all I encounter.

My desire is to empower you to do the same... if you are searching for a similar result that is.

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